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 For marketers wanting to try out our free brand ambassador tool.

1 plan
3 ambassadors





For e-commerce brands that want to start building a community.

1 plan
10 ambassadors



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For mid-sized businesses who want to drive engagement.

2 plans
50 ambassadors





For companies looking to monetize their brand community.

3 plans
300 ambassadors





For big corporations that want to boost their customer loyalty.

Unlimited plans
1.000 ambassadors



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Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between Indomit and affiliate programs?

While our platform allows brands to promote their products or services with a referral/affiliate strategy by sharing a conversion code/link, it also includes brand awareness and User-Generated Content developed through Instagram.

This is a much more powerful proposal since it allows brands to know which audiences are being the most impacted by the Ambassadors’ actions, bringing market insights as to which audiences will have more potential consumers.

What is the difference between ambassadors and influencers?
An Ambassador can be anyone that loves your brand and wants to be part of it regardless of the number of followers they have on Instagram. They can be current clients, followers, fans, employees, or even influencers. The big difference is that they will be committed to a long-term relationship with your brand because they already know it.
Where can I find my ambassadors?
It’s simple! We will provide you with a customized landing page containing all the information of your Ambassadors’ plan, in order for you to share it with your brand’s community along your customer journey’s touchpoints (social media, website, e-commerce “thank you page”, newsletter, etc.).

We will also guide you with some tips and tools to easily acquire your own Brand Ambassadors. +Info

Is there a mandatory stay?

We believe in long-term relationships between brand and Ambassadors, that’s why we do have minimum permanency of 3 months. In this way, you can see, track and measure your Ambassadors’ performance month after month, optimizing the process in real-time and thus increasing results. After the first 3 months, you can leave whenever you want, though we’re pretty sure that won’t be the case.

What's the difference between Indomit and influencer platforms?

Our focus relies on long-term relationships with real brand fans that already know you and your values, instead of using one-shot unknown influencers that probably didn’t know about the existence of your brand before hiring them.

That’s why our value proposition is to turn your brand’s clients and followers into Brand Ambassadors, as we know that there’s no one better to promote your brand than a happy customer.

How can I customize my plan?

You will be guided by our team of experts who will give you advice on how you can customize your plan based on your brand’s needs and budget. In this way, we’ll be able to set parameters such as CPM, CPA, loyalty rewards, etc…

What plan do we recommend?

 If you are going to launch your first Brand Ambassadors’ program we recommend using the Starter plan.

If you already have Ambassadors in your community, or you want to launch more than one plan regarding different types of Ambassadors, we recommend using the Growth plan.

If you want to have your white label Brand Ambassadors’ program with automated commissions billing, you should go for the Pro plan.

Will I know the audience information of every profile?

Yes. You will be able to validate each potential Ambassador’s profile because they will be connected directly with their Business Instagram account. Their performance metrics will be updated in real-time.

When do I start to see results?

You can verify the performance of your collaboration in real-time from the moment the first action is published. Nevertheless, if you are working on a brand strategy, we recommend long-term collaborations to get as many brand impacts as possible to drive sales.

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