Easily activate and engage with your brand community

Indomit saves you time as you create an engaging ambassador experience. 

Activate your first 3 brand ambassadors for free.

Indomit Easily activate and engage with your brand community.
Indomit ambassador program for ecommerce.

Who are your ambassadors?

An ambassador can be anyone that loves your brand and wants to be part of it regardless of the number of followers they have on Instagram. They can be current members of your community: clients, followers, fans, or even employees. 

Indomit ambassador program for ecommerce.

How does the program work?

1. Members of your community sign up to become ambassadors

2. Accepted ambassadors receive a welcome discount code to buy your products

3. Ambassadors perform actions to earn credit for your online store

4. Ambassadors redeem credit on discounts

5. Ambassadors use these discounts on a new purchase

Indomit easy to use ambassador program for brands and clients.

What actions can they do?

Your ambassadors represent your brand on social media, sharing their user experiences with their community.

Indomit activate your clientes with ambassador program.

Publish content

Publish Instagram posts and stories tagging your brand to build trust.

Indomit referreal program

Refer a friend

Share discounts with followers and friends on WhatsApp and online.

Indomit content creation

Create content

Take original photos and videos with your brand products.

How can you reward them?

As your ambassadors promote your product, you’ll reward them with credit to spend in your online store. 

Indomit social media ambassador program.

Instagram impressions

Give rewards for every thousand impressions on Instagram.

 Indomit referral sales.

Referral sales

Give reward every sale made in your online store.

Indomit User generated content.

Download content

Give rewards for royalty-free User-Generated Content.

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